Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saginaw High Class of '65


Purpose. The purpose of this blog is to disseminate reunion information and to help locate missing classmates.

This site contains the following sections:
1. General Information about this web site
2. Reunion Plans and Notes
3. How to Get On the Mailing List
4. How to Register for the Reunion
5. Mailing List Status
6. List of Missing Classmates that we need your help in locating.
7. List of Located Classmates whose current information has been verified.
8. List of Deceased Classmates who have gone on before us, and to whom this site is dedicated.

General Information:

This is a blog, rather than a true website. It is intended to assist with notifying classmates of pending reunion plans and help locate those with whom we have lost contact. Since this site is not a registered URL, you cannot find it by doing a search with Yahoo, IE or any other search engine. You have to have the exact link, or just get really lucky!

This method is being used at this time for two reasons: It is easy to use and free…the two qualities at the top of my requirements list when I started this mess. An additional web sit, has been developed by Dave Armbruster's son, Jeff. The saginawhigh site actually links to this blog, which may be how you got here in the first place.

I would also like to tell each of you how absolutely fantastic it has been to rekindle old friendships and also start many, many new ones. I have personally spoken to over 400 of you so far, some for several hours or more. So far, more than 200 of us have email, so I may not be able to answer everyone right away, but I will do my best.

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Reunion Plans and Notes:

Date: October 15, 2005.
Location: Apple Mountain Resort
Time: TBD (to be determined)
Cost: $50 per person
Additional Activites: Currently being developed

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How To Register For The Reunion.

To register, send a money order or check ($50.00 per person) made out to “SHS CLASS OF 65” to:

Carol (Nosek) Mueller
1535 Wilson Ave.
Saginaw, MI 48603

Important Note: Be sure to include:
Your current FIRST and LAST NAME
Your MAIDEN NAME, if applicable. Thank You!

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How to Get On The Mailing List (and be listed in the Souvenir Booklet).

The souvenir booklet:
- is free to attendees (part of the $50.00 cost)
- will be available for purchase ($5.00) for those unable to attend
- will contain only information authorized for release by the individual.


If you haven’t already done so, or have had a change, please visit the Class of 65 website at and click on "Mailing List". You will be provided with an on-line form you can fill out which will automatically be sent to Tom Karls upon completion.

If you are unable to access the website or have difficulty, then please send the following information via email to Tom Karls at This will only update you on the mailing list. It will not register you for the reunion. Click here to register for the reunion.

HOME PHONE: (I will keep unlisted numbers confidential. They will only be used for me to contact you, if needed)
BIO INFORMATION. If provided, this info will be published in a souvenir directory to be handed out at the reunion. It may also be purchased individually if you are unable to attend. Include any information you wish to share with the class

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Mailing List Status:

Missing Classmates: 99 (Finally broke 100 !!!)
Located Classmates: 425
DeceasedClassmates: 52
TOTAL: 576

Missing Classmates:

Please help me locate the following people to complete our mailing list. If you have info on any of the following people, please email me at as soon as possible.

Anderson, Hattie
Barnes, Melvin
Brown, Betty Jo
Campbell, Janet Kay
Campbell, Sally Ann
Carranza, Anthony (Tony)
Carrean, Juan
Carter, Renee Lynn
Cox, Judith Ellen
Curtis, Robert John
Davis, Ronald Stanley
Davis, Tom
Dean, Karen Joyce
Delgado, Juan Felipe
Demijohn, James Robert
Dietrick, Henry (Hank) Patrick
Dunn, George Thomas
Eimers, Penny
Erwin, Janice Elane
Ferguson, Nancy
Galloway, Debra Jean
Garcia, Hector Carreon
Gemeinhardt, Lois Jean
Gonzales, Paul
Goodrow, Don W.
Grace, Minnie Lee
Greenleaf, Susan Kay
Halas, Judy Louise
Hardy, Helen
Hayes, Ronald Edson
Hernandez, Norma
Huff, Lloyd Thomas
Irish, Barbara Sue
Jackson, Patricia
Johnson, Louise
Johnson, Stacy
Johnson, Yvonne Marie
Jones, Barbara
Jones, Robert
King, Mary Ellen
Klenke, Helen
Lagalo, Peggy Ann
Lewis, Deborah J.
Lopez, Yolanda Carmen
Macaulay, Sandra Kay
Marquez, Rosa E.
Marselis, Bertha Gertrude
Martin, Don
Martinez, Alfredo Ramirez
Martinez, Raul
Mayer, Sam Charles
McClaine, Nancy Carol
McGrandy, Diana Lynn
McMan, Gary Louis
Melchor, Beatrice
Miles, Judy Lynn
Mills, Willie
Moore, Diane
Morris, Evelyn
Nelson, Nancy
Ortiz, Glorinda
Pawlick, Carol (Janis) Janice
Peters, Gregg
Pinkston, Mathew Lee
Prime, Gerald Ronald
Riska, Dave Chester
Rivera, Esperanza
Roberts, Karen Sue
Roe, Sheila Henrietta
Saldana, Lenore (Lisa) Ann
Sanders, Rosemary
Sarden, Robert Robert
Sayan, Linda Jean
Schultz, Barbara Ann
Shead, Dawn Leda
Smith, Floyd
Soto, Lucy Pencia
Thomas, Carol Lee
Thomas, Gordon Randy
Thomas, Richard Craig
Tobin, Jerry
Torrey, Richard R.
Turner, Mary Lee
Vibert, Deborah Louise
Villanueva, Genevieve
Walls, Becky
Walton, Lois E.
Washington, Bobbie Jean
Welch, Shirley Ann
Wells, Yvonne
Welzin, Wayne Joseph
White, Marsha Elaine
Whitehead, Brenda Joyce
Wielser, Mary
Wilkinson, Joe
Williams, Robert
Wright, Barbara Ann
Wright, Jerlean Carthern
Yates, Linda Mae

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Located Classmates:

Abraitis, Jean Juan
Adams, Bettie Sue
Adams, Marcia Ann
Albertson, Peter Eugene
Albrink, Ulrike Marie
Alsgaard, Judy K.
Anderson, Jeanne Ann
Anderson, Karen Vicki
Anderson, Sylvia Ann
Anegon, Marina Lynn
Anscomb, Richard Lee
Arizola, Adolph
Arizola, Hector
Armbruster, David Frederick
Arndt, Marilyn Kay
Arnold, Thomas Lloyd
Artecki, Joanne Marie
Atkins, Josephine
Austin, Gail Patricia
Austin, Mike Bruce
Baker, James Theodore
Baker, Martha Ann
Baker, Robert Lee
Baldwin, Elizabeth Anne
Bamberger, Mark E.
Banks, Willa Mae
Barnes, Carolyn
Bauknecht, Penny Lynn
Beauch, Richard Thomas
Beck, Judith Ann
Beck, Thomas Charles
Bedford, David Alan
Benton, Michael Ray
Bernreuter, David Christian
Bielski, Laura Jean
Billy, Janice Lynn
Block, Janis Ann
Boehlke, Willam Fredrick
Bolzman, John Howard
Bond, John Frank
Bonner, Marsha Lynn
Box, Alma Jean
Bremer, Brenda Ann
Bremer, Susan Rae
Brewer, Willie
Bricault, Susan R.
Brigham, Harold Edwin
Broaddus, Edward Leo
Broaddus, William Paul
Brown, Bernice Marie
Brown, David P.
Budzinski, Mary Ann
Burba, Dorothy Ann
Burke, Ralph (Bill) William
Burkhart, Norman Edward
Burnett, Seth (Pete) Peter
Burney, Frankie Jean
Burns, Leon
Burris, Dorothy Ellen
Buxman, Barbara
Cage, Edward Earl
Cain, Lois Ann
Cambridge, Constance Michelle
Carelli, Thomas David
Case, Sharon Mae
Castellanos, Maria Elena
Chapple, Lauren Kendall
Cherry, Michael Scott
Chinnery, James Allen
Choyce, Mable Ann
Clement, Gerald Wayne
Coates, Gary Laurence
Coffey, Margaret
Combs, Dan
Cortez, Ben
Crandall, Joyce Ann
Crommatie, Matrese Elaine
Cruz, Frankie James
Culpepper, Gloria Jean
Curry, Hazel Lea
Curtis, John Francis
Davenport, Gene Arthur
Davila, Domingo
Davilla, Ygnacio Juarez
Davis, Ester Julia
Davis, Lula (Diane) Diane
Davy, James Alan
DeBardelaben, Don Mack
Degroat, Frederic LeRoy
Delgado, Mirtala
Dennings, Dale Robert
DePlonty, Richard Charles
Dietzel, Terry
Diggs, Sidney
Dillard, Frank
Dombrowski, Diane Fay
Drew, Sheila
Driest, Gloria Jean
Driest, Janet Kay
Dudley, Perlie Mae
Duperon, Kathleen Rita
Dymond, Richard Allen
Eckerman, Jim
Eddy, Nancy Sue
Ehlert, Jan Howard
Eldred, Carolyn Ethel
Elliott, Cathie Louise
Elliott, Michael
Ellis, Sheri Lynn
Erwin, Fallasha L.
Esckilsen, Dennis Lee
Esckilsen, Larry
Ewing, Terry Lee
Falls, Venita Faye
Fernandez, Elsie
Ferrell, Linda Mae
Fisher, Sharyle Darling
Forte, Dorothy
Forte, Margaret
Fournier, Rosemary
Freier, Susan
Fresorger, Patricia Kay
Frost, Charles Bruce
Frost, James Bruce
Frost, Larry Lee
Gaertner, Karen Jo
Gaines, Lola Mae
Gaines, Roy
Galford, Charles Albert
Gallegos, Carmen Maria
Garchaw, Paul
Garcia, Freddy Reyes
Garcia, Joseph Louis Reyes
Garcia, Ricardo Jr.
Garnett, Carol Devon
Gaudreau, David Allen
Gawron, Donna Louise
Geese, Tim
Giroux, Edward David
Grace, Leoloa
Graham, Connie Ruth
Graham, Ggertha
Gronski, Susan Kay
Gross, Edward Leon
Gryna, Margaret Jean
Guerra, Victor
Gutierrez, Linda
Gwyn, Pam Cheri
Haas, Don Kay
Hall, Cynthia Jane
Hall, Helen
Hall, Julie Anne
Hall, Katherine Alyce
Hall, Sanford Lee
Hand, Robert Wallace
Harbor, Nick V.
Hardy, Sally Ann
Hardy, Sharon L.
Hartley, Terry Lee
Haselbeck, Tom Charles
Heindl, Darlene Kay
Hendrichs, Diane Margaret
Herweyer, Rose Elaine
Higgins, David
Hightower, Bevelyn
Hill, Bonnie
Hill, Fred Herbert
Hines, Georgia
Hinton, Deborah Ann
Hinton, Roy Junior
Hodges, William (Sonny) Earl
Horonzy, Sharon
Horvat, Robert Frank
Houlihan, Michael James
Hubbard, Joyce Marie
Hulett, Willia Mae
Hunt, Gary
Irish, Ken Robert
Jackson, Josephine
Jackson, Quincie Mae
Jamrog, Peter Simon
Jaski, Gregory Charles
Jastrzembowski, Connie
Jenei, Dorothy Julianna
Johndro, Ronald Lee
Johnson, Barbara Jean
Johnson, Nancy Anne
Johnson, Richard Lee
Johnson, Vernon Lee
Johnson, William Hershell
Jones, Jeffrey
Jones, Linda Irene
Jones, Victor
Jones, Willard Randolph
Judd, Jane Ellen
Karls, Thomas William
Kelley, Sandra Helen
Kemp, Vyethel
Kemper, Robert Lawrence
Kent, Merilla Marlyn
Ketterman, Grant Lawson
Kindred, Cynthia Yvonne
Kleinebreil, Michael
Klug, Judith Lynn
Knapp, Alan Gene
Knuckles, Beatrice
Kodrick, Geraldine Lee
Kollman, Harry Howard
Konecny, Eddie Michael
Konefko, Sandra Lee
Koski, William Cyril
Kracko, Linda Sue
Kraszewski, Robert Douglas
Krawczak, Mary Margaret
Kruse, Walter Robert
Lagalo, Phillip Anthony
Lake, Elizabeth Mary
Lange, Kenneth Leslie
Lapszynski, Judith Lea
Laurette, Richard Leon
LaValley, Carolyn Diane
Lemcke, Curt William
Lemmer, Robert Lyle
Lemmer, Sue J.
Letourneau, Michael David
Lewis, Charlie Mae
Lewis, Doris Jean
Lewis, Wilma Jean
Lindsey, Larry Jerome
Lintern, Judy Ann
Little, Calvin Comeil
Loeffler, Catherine Jo
Lumbreras, Maria Christina
Lusis, Ruta Zigrida
Lynes, Thomas Richard
Macias, Sam
Mack, Dorothy
Magyar, Joseph A.
Maher, Nancy Lee
Malace, Walter R.
Malone, Linda Pollyette
Manial, Thomas James
Markey, Robert Joseph
Marks, Kathleen Rose
Martin, Joyce Ann
Mason, Willie Lee
McLeod, Bonnie Lou
McMillon, John Henry
McNally, Patrick Leslie
Mell, Connie
Mendel, Richard H.
Mendoza, Janet Faye
Mercer, James Benjamin
Merdler, Michael Alan
Merkerson, Geraldine
Mertz, Craig Jay
Meyer, Marilyn Kay
Mikulewicz, Kathleen Jean
Miller, Linda Jo
Minnich, James B.
Mitchell, George Taylor
Moore, Lewis B.
Moreno, Hermilo
Mosley, Bruce
Munguia, Lesvia Maria
Munson, Neil Alan
Murdock, Betty Jean
Murlick, Richard William
Muttcheler, Beverly Jean
Near, Dale Eugene
Nicholson, Barbara Jean
Nickleberry, Mitchell
Nickleberry, Sharon Lucille
Nosek, Carol Jean
Nowosad, Tom Arthur
O'Dette, Carol
O'Dette, Lois Ann
Oosterveen, Rosemary M.
Osborne, Donald L.
Ostling, Elsa Christina
Packard, John Henry
Paluck, Carol Janice
Pankin, Mark Stephen
Paquette, Charlotte Kay
Paquette, Jerry James (Jake)
Parcell, David Jay
Park, Nancy Lee
Parker, Diana
Payne, Margaret Louise
Pierce, Thomas A.
Pierrie, Willie Lee
Piersall, Maxine S.
Poineau, Bernard Joseph
Porterfield, Henry McCarthy
Price, Susan Jeanette
Pricopi, Duane Charles
Pricopi, Maxine Jo
Prince, William Charles
Rambo, Frederick Earl
Rawling, David Arthur
Reid, Donald McFarland
Reidel, Marcia
Reif, Herbert (Fred) Fred
Reimers, Nancy L.
Reinbold, Ruth Ann
Reyes, Henry
Richards, Edward Charles
Richards, Ronald Keith
Richter, Mike Michael
Roberts, Barbara Jane
Robinson, Ellen Marie
Robinson, Janice
Rodriquez, Juanita (Janie) Garza
Roesner, Marsha Lynn
Romanelly, Carol Ann
Rosas, Carlos Teneyuque
Roseberry, Nancy Ellen
Rouston, Kenneth Gerald
Ruffin, Ronald Raymond
Rupp, Donald
Ruppel, Jerry David
Ruzowski, Nancy Mary
Sabedra, Daniel Albert
Sanders, Jimmie Lee
Sanocki, Robert Michael
Sass, Fred Joseph
Sauve, Delores Kathleen
Schmidt, Delores Jean
Schmidt, William Frederick
Schnautz, Marilyn Ann
Schneider, Bonnie Jean
Schultz, Patricia Ann
Scott, Lonnie Young
Seager, Kathleen Dee
Seals, Coreaner
Sells, Bill
Sieggreen, Gary W.
Simon, Keith Arthur
Simons, Gary Earl
Singleton, Curtis R
Slodowski, Barb Ann
Smith, Alonzo
Smith, Barbara
Smith, Bonnie Jean
Smith, Clifton James
Smith, Earline
Smith, Joyce Ann
Sojkowski, Joseph Edward
Spaulding, Max Leonard
Speer, Donald Grant
Speros, Bessie J.
Spyker, Judy Marie
Stack, Bryan Lynn
Stamper, James Patrick
Stanton, Odell
Stanton, Truthea Ann
Stedry, Roy Raymond
Stedry, Sandra Sue
Steinhilber, Jon Frederick
Stewart, Connie Lee
Stockmeyer, Penny Lynn
Stolz, Vickie Sue
Strieter, Sandra Sue
Strong, Annie Ruth
Stuhler, Richard Dennis
Sullivan, Terry Patrick
Surian, Richard Paul
Surles, Sue Nell
Sutter, Patti Jean
Szczypka, Robert Joseph
Szott, Sally Lorraine
Tappen, Lawrence Evert
Tate, Velver Lee
Taylor, Willie (Bill)
Taylor, Sandra Lynn
Teneyuque, Fred Diaz
Terrell, Eugene
Thomas, Dorothy B.
Thomas, George Walker
Tilden, Cora Mae
Tinsley, Herbert
Torka, Mary Jane
Town, Sandy Louise
Treib, Dorothy Jean
Trombley, Dennis Bernard
Troyer, Michelene Louise
Turner, Elaine
Tymich, Bruno
Vallier, Janice Lynn
Vela, Joe Gonzalez
Virginski, Patricia Jean
Wagner, David L.
Walker, Rosemary
Walny, Gerald A.
Watt, Gary D.
Weatherspoon, Deroen
Weaver, Marie Ann
Webb, David Paul
Webber, Kenneth Peter
Weber, Robert
Wehner, Arthur Theodore
Wendt, Susan Emily
Wesolek, Rosalie M.
Westbrook, Betty Jean
White, Ruthie Lee
Wicker, Mary Etta
Wiechmann, Linda Sue
Wiegand, Nancy Kay
Wilber, William (Terry) Terrance
Wilbert, Carrie
Williams, Bonnie Ruth
Williams, Gwendolyn
Williams, Horace Brachette
Williamson, Sherry Lynne
Wilson, Sharon Michele
Wilton, Melvin C.
Wissmueller, Martin Joseph
Witek, Elaine Marie
Witkowski, Leonard Joseph
Witt, Kenneth E.
Wolinski, Danny Joe
Wolinski, Edward Andrew
Wortley, Terry L.
Wyman, Richard D.
Zuniga, Theresa Elaine

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In Memory Of:

Alvararado, Freddie - unknown
Anderson, William - 25-Aug-89
Billow, William - 19-May-93
Bortle, Charles - 15-Feb-96
Calhoun, Gloria - unknown
Casteel, Carol - unknown
Cole, Mark - 4-Feb-04
Coleman, Marie - 20-Feb-03
Conklin, Cheryl - 2/27/91
Culpepper, Ray - 6-Jul-95
Davis, Elaine - unknown
Deshone, William - 27-Dec-68
Diaz, Benny - 30-Mar-69
Ferrell, Joseph - 8-Jun-01
Foster, Glenn - circa 1976
George, Larry - 21-Oct-84
Gilkison, Jeanette - 11-Dec-04
Gonzales, Maria - 4/18/93
Grabowski, Mary - unknown
Harris, Phillip - 23-Jul-93
Henderson, Arthur - 29-Sep-02
Henderson, Ornial - 15-Aug-00
Howey, Larry - 7-Jul-99
Humes, Diane - 15-Apr-00
Jordan, Willie - 10-Dec-74
King, Howard - 29-Jul-92
Konecny, James - 10-Apr-03
LaFayette, Carol - 20-Jul-00
Lee, Gary - 17-Feb-98
Lehtinen, John - 27-May-95
Losee, Richard - 20-Oct-04
Mason, Winston - 2-Feb-92
McNair, Damon - 6-Sep-83
Moll, Vernon - 19-May-98
Moody, Craig - 1-Apr-05
Nowak, Edmund - unknown
Oczepek, Lawrence - 21-Feb-92
Pecknick, Kathy - 30-Mar-99
Pickell, Lonney - 8-Sep-88
Prescott, Jimmie - May 2005
Reed, Norma - 1-Mar-05
Robbins, Mary Ann - unknown
Sefcik, Barbara - unknown
Sims, Lorraine - circa 1990
Stillwagon, Doug - 4-Mar-01
Urivez, Ernestine - circa 1999
Vescio, Antonio - 25-Mar-97
Werner, Joe - 28-Mar-01
White, Clarence - unknown
Winters, John - 20-Feb-03
Worthington, Rudy - 13-Sep-02
Yancy, Lee - 1-Apr-05

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